Scrolling Share Prices

  • Alternatively you could download the new Share Price Loop Web User Control. It will be available for download from the free share price downloads area, and is labelled 'Share Prices 4 Developer (Loop Web User Control)'. To use this control, you will need to create an ajax enabled website/ajax enabled web application, to add it to (placed in the bin folder.) The control has the options to change the main displays colours, and the delay between share prices being displayed.
  • Download and install the control
  • Copy the control(.dll and .config) to the folder of the web page that is going to use the control.
  • In IIS, make sure that the folder is configured as a web application, and that .dll is configured with get/head verbs in application mappings (only required in IIS v5/5.1).
  • Copy and paste the following code to the web page that will display the control. This will work with v2 applications/websites/Silverlight projects, by placing the code below in the html page/aspx page that loads the application
  • <object id="Scrollshares" classid="http:TextScroll.dll#TextScroll.UserControl2" height="211" width="611"></object>

  • Make sure the dll file is listed in the Global Assembly Cache. This is done via the .NET Framework 2 Config tool in the Admin Tools.
  • Download and install the control. To work in a windows application you need to right click on the toolbox in pro 2005/ pro/express editions 2008, and select choose items, then browse to the location of the file 'TextScroll.dll'. Next drag and drop UserControl2 to the windows form. Make sure to reference System.Xml.Then run the application. Should work in .NET v2/3/3.5 windows forms applications, to use this windows form control in a wpf application see this article.

    • Disk space required for installation: ?
    • Processor: That required by a windows pc.
    • Memory: That required by a windows pc .
    • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP(32/64)/2003(32/64)/Vista(32/64)/2008(32/64).
    • IIS v5/6/7 for Web Application hosting. Tested and works on IIS 5.1 and IIS 7. Need to add dll get/head verbs in application mappings under config under IIS 5/5.1.
    • .NET framework 2/3(?)/wpf(?)
    • Internet access, so as to connect to the Share Price Web Service.
    • Internet Explorer Web browser on the clients desktop, plus the rights to view activex controls. Not supported in Firefox web browser.
    Available in the free downloads section. Its labelled 'Scrolling Text User Control'.

    This product is freeware