VC++.NET Data Retreival and Export Application, allows a user the ability to extract some data from either a SQL Server/Oracle/MS Access/MySql/ ODBC data source and view it in a datagrid. Then, the user has the option to save the data in the grid to XML v1 format.

  • Choose a data source from
    1. SQL Server (with NT Authenitication/SQL Server Authentication) - provides a list of available servers and databases - tested with SQL Server 2000/SQL Server 2005(to connect to a table its schema.table, just like Oracle)/MSDE 2000. Note: With Sql Server 2005, you will require the Backward Compatibilty components installed.Plus you will have to install SQL-DMO (see sql server 2005 help for instructions.)
    2. Oracle - provides a list of available databases - tested with Oracle 9i/10g for windows.
    3. MS Access - provides database selector window - tested with Access 95.
    4. ODBC - provides a list of available user dsn's.
    5. Sybase ASE - provides a list of available servers - tested with ASE 15 for windows (works with named servers only if IPv6 is uninstalled (done via typing IPv6 uninstall at a dos command prompt).)
    6. MySql - tested with MySQL Server v5 for windows.
    7. IBM DB2 - tested with IBM DB2 UDB v8 for windows
  • Enter a username and password (when required e.g. SQL Server Authentication.)
  • Enter a select query for data to be displayed
  • Export data in datagrid to XML v1 format.
  • Coming ASAP. The ability to load in xml files and load the data into a database.
  • Required Software: .NET Framework v1.1
  • Database connectivity to: Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase ASE/MS Access/Mysql/IBM DB2/ODBC user datasources.
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 and normal size(96dpi) fonts.
  • Disk space required for installation: 12MB.
  • Processor: Intel 300mhz upwards.
  • Memory: 64mb upwards.
  • Operating System: Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003.

There is a 30-day trial version in the trials downloads section.