FTP Moniter

FTP Moniter, is a windows service which can run on a Windows Server that is running the IIS FTP Service. Whilst its running it keeps an eye out for an unusual access attempts of the FTP Service. When it notices something unusual, it notifies the relevant person.

  • A windows service.
  • During installation, allows the user to setup the mail notification settings, and the name of the windows server to observe.
  • Disk space required for installation: 61kb
  • Processor: Intel 300mhz upwards.
  • Memory: 64mb upwards.
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  • IIS FTP Service up and running - works with IIS v5/5.1, doesn't work with IIS v7.
  • .NET framework 1.1
The download is in the free downloads section.

This product is freeware.